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Posted in Uncategorized by Emily on May 8, 2008

Brad posted this to his blog:
“Sean Blanda made a great point in that journalism students are among the few who have to produce the exact product that they are studying long before they ever get their degree. This is bizarre when you think about it. Would you want the doc going down to surgery before he’s certified? No? Well journalism is just as important to society as a doctorate and scalpel can be to healthy surgery. Journalism interns are not eased into situations. It is sink or swim.”

My first few days at Owensboro have proved that. People may argue that photography, that journalism, isn’t as hard as heart surgery, but I think people take what they see in the paper for granted. There is so much manpower involved in putting out those inked-up sheets of toilet-quality paper. You have the people involved in the stories, the writers who write the stories, the photographers who take pictures, the editors (photo and written) who edit that work, copy editors who oversee that work, you have web managers, business professionals, you have an ad department, a classifieds department… and the list goes on. Journalism is a complicated business.

And as for being thrown to the sharks, well. That’s what these internships are all about. In the past few days I’ve learned more about my pictures and myself as a photographer than I have since I started shooting in October. With the job holding me to a standard higher than I ever believed possible, I know that I will improve greatly while I’m here. It was really a blessing to get this internship, and I feel that it’s my responsibility to take what I’ve got and run with it.

That said, Owensboro is a fantastic city to be working in. I’ve never met a community of such friendly people. I’ve already had people call in to talk to me and thank me for taking the pictures that have run in the paper, and that’s a great feeling. I hope that I can continue to serve the people here well.

It’s been hard to let go of home life, however, and that has been my greatest struggle since coming here. I never realized the extent to which my friends and their companionship were rooted into my day-to-day life. I’m learning to be without them, too, which is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m confident in my ability to find things to do to distract myself until my mind can learn to be without constant communication.

Anyway, keep tuned in for more updates, and be sure to check out my links for other photokid works!

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