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Posted in Uncategorized by Emily on July 2, 2008

Today I shot pictures of Fred Hina, the former fire chief of the OFD. I’ve been feeling like my photos have been looking too point-and-shoot, so I was really trying to get something different.







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  1. Brad said, on July 3, 2008 at 9:27 am

    What separates us, the photojournalists, from “photographers” or people iwth cameras is that we tell stories with our photos. It’s easy to point a camera and get a moment. Every photo is a “moment.” Not all of those photos tell a story that well. Your photos here help to tell a story.

    If you feel like your photos feel point and shootish, try getting closer. Most point and shoots are pretty wide angle lens. It’s easy to use that wide angle lens to capture everything, and decide later with a crop what we want. But that’s not the same as capturing it in camera. You can tell the difference when you see it. You can feel the difference in the photo.

    My suggestion, if you’re uncomfortable with your photos, is to put away the lens your comfortable with. Stop using a wide. I think that would help, and also make you think.

    I think you’re doing great and look forward to getting you back here to work for us.

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