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Autumn in Spring

Posted in Uncategorized by Emily on March 28, 2009

Autumn was sweet enough to go pose a bit for me today. We had a lot of fun, until I got a flat tire on Vine Street and we were forced to replace it in the middle of traffic!



Creatures of the Night

Posted in Uncategorized by Emily on December 10, 2007

The cruelty of some people never ceases to amaze me. I had just returned home from working the Crunch Brunch when Autumn called me to tell me a few 17-year-olds had thrown rocks over Newtown’s fence and busted up a bunch of people’s windshields. The aftermath… well… it wasn’t very nice.

The rocks the kids threw lined the ground, inches from the back of Autumn’s Monte Carlo.



A relieved Autumn takes snapshots of her neighbor’s damaged vehicles.


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