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Several Keeneland jockeys visited children at the UK Children’s Hospital on Monday.

ROMPin’ in the park

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One of my assignments yesterday was to head out to Yellow Creek Park where the ROMP festival will be taking place for the next few days. My goal was to capture something different, something more personal that the paper hasn’t ever covered before. Turns out, the M-I had never covered any of the families that come in in RVs and camp out through the festival. So, I found this lovely family and snapped some pictures of them.






dreams and sunshine

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If I could choose what I took pictures of every day, I think the majority of my work would be with kids. They just know how to have so much fun!


homeward bound

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I will return to Lexington tonight for the first time in two weeks.

It’s a relief to be going home to friends and family, but I’ll honestly miss eating, sleeping and breathing pictures for the next four days. My challange to myself for this weekend is to use different mediums in my photography. I don’t want to learn to rely on photoshop while I’m here, which is honestly one of my fears. I’m learning how to correct most of my errors through cropping and toning, so I want to escape becoming computer-reliant.

I bought a polaroid camera at goodwill and some film for it, so challenge one: get good pictures from the polaroid camera. I should have ample opportunity, since I’ll be with my friends and family, and at one hell of a party.

Second challenge: SLR camera film. I hate working in manual mode with film. I’m terrified of wasting frames… because with film, you can’t just go back and delete that over-exposed or under-exposed frame. It has to be right or you lose it. I’m taking my Rebel with me to the park, and I’ve got a couple rolls of Ilford B&W film… so I’ll upload these film shots when I get back to Owensboro (where they have a good scanner).

Anyway, I may not post again until next Tuesday, when I return to the desk. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

jeremey taylor, 4, plays in legion park with his father, james taylor.

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“he’s got the answers to ease my curiosity”

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Rev. Ron Whitlock gives a sermon at New Beginnings Christian Ministries in Bowling Green, Ky..


Mary Driver, a member of the New Beginnings Christian Ministries, sings during a Sunday morning church service.

praise_by_ediana.jpg ring_by_ediana.jpg

Left: Rev. Sharon Whitlock during a worship service.

Right: Mr. Whitlock works to set up the sound system before the service.


Ed and I were sent into “Little Mexico” in Bowling Green, and we found T.J. Gravill (above) playing golf in his front yard. We stopped by to chat with him and his friends.

Busy, busy little bee

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So before I put up most of my pictures from workshop, I want to learn how to tone properly. However, I don’t want to leave my blog lying dormant, so I’ll post a shot to tide it over!