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“saving soles”

Posted in Uncategorized by Emily on May 13, 2008

sole detail

Yesterday’s feature hunt lead me to Don Raines’ Shoe Hospital in downtown Owensboro. Raines’ shop was absolutely amazing… talk about a blast from the past! Raines uses all ’30s-’50s era equipment, so the shop was a perfect place for any photographer. These are the two pictures that ran on page one of the M-I.

sole customer

Glitz and Glamour

Posted in Uncategorized by Emily on January 22, 2008

Today marks the first time my photos have ever been published in the Kernel! I’m pretty excited.

With that said, these photos are property of the Kentucky Kernel and UKPhotojournalism and may not be taken from this site for any reason. Taking is STEALING. If you are interested in purchasing photos, please contact me at Thanks!






Juliann and I were lucky that the subject we chose to use for our multimedia project actually wound up winning the competition.