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Several Keeneland jockeys visited children at the UK Children’s Hospital on Monday.

Feature Hunt

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This was the result of my first real feature hunt since I left Owensboro.

UK Football

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game time

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I shot my very first UK basketball game today. It was crazy hard, but probably one of the best experiences of my photo career. Below are my best shots!







“my whole existance is flawed … you get me closer to god”

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Emma Feinauer watches as Jessica Black, an undecided junior at UK, waits with Shane Richardson, aka  India Ferrah, and Hernando Quecan, aka Adriana Fuentes, backstage before the drag show at the Cats Den’s “Spring Breakout” event.


Quecan, dressed as his alter-ego “Adriana Fuentes” comes out to perform.



Richardson, dressed as his alter-ego “India Ferrah,” performs on stage.


Quecan gets ready for the show in the women’s restroom in the student center.


“he’s got the answers to ease my curiosity”

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Rev. Ron Whitlock gives a sermon at New Beginnings Christian Ministries in Bowling Green, Ky..


Mary Driver, a member of the New Beginnings Christian Ministries, sings during a Sunday morning church service.

praise_by_ediana.jpg ring_by_ediana.jpg

Left: Rev. Sharon Whitlock during a worship service.

Right: Mr. Whitlock works to set up the sound system before the service.


Ed and I were sent into “Little Mexico” in Bowling Green, and we found T.J. Gravill (above) playing golf in his front yard. We stopped by to chat with him and his friends.

Busy, busy little bee

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So before I put up most of my pictures from workshop, I want to learn how to tone properly. However, I don’t want to leave my blog lying dormant, so I’ll post a shot to tide it over!


Spring Workshop 2008

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I feel a little guilty about not having been able to post any pictures while I was away at workshop, but what could I do? I had no internet access! Anyway, I’ll be picking up those pictures from Jim tomorrow, so here are my photos from today’s Kernel:



multimedia project

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I’ve decided to embark on a multimedia project about the humane society and abandoned animals. Right now, I think I’m going to have to cancel my interviews because Jim needs the sound equipment for the workshop this weekend, which sucks. I hope people are available next week.

cat baby

life’s not fair…

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…to a lot of animals.


I’m working on the Spay Day story, still. I can’t decide if this is a good picture or not. Comments?