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Lonely days

Posted in Uncategorized by Emily on May 24, 2008

Yesterday there wasn’t as much to do around the office as there usually is, so I found myself lonelier than I have been in my entire stay in Owensboro. It’s not for a lack of meeting nice people, because I’ve met plenty, including Jason Rose:


It’s just a matter of working the city, then coming home to no one. At school I had roommates and friends, and the Kernel on top of all of that. But here… there’s just no one. Oh, well.

I seem to take a lot of pictures of kids. These kids were really cute. They were all dressed up as historical figures, and pretended to be wax statues that would come to life when you pushed a little “button” on the table beside them. Pictured below is Leonardo Da Vinci (right), Ludwig von Beethoven (center) and Elvis Presley (left) and two kids that were walking around viewing the exhibit (far left).