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The 101

Inspired by a few friends of mine who have assembled similar lists, I have devised a list of 101 things I plan to accomplish in the next 1,001 days. I will post updates when I accomplish each of the goals, and update this page to show my progress. If you’d like to compile your own list to add to your blog, I’d suggest visiting Day Zero Project to help generate ideas.

My 101:

  1. write a living will
  2. buy a house
  3. buy my car from my parents
  4. make my own bread
  5. see an opera
  6. visit 10 new cities
  7. go whale-watching
  8. adopt a dog
  9. say “yes”  to everything for a day
  10. be in Times Square on New Years Eve
  11. take a bellydancing class
  12. go to California
  13. get married
  14. visit the grand canyon
  15. go skydiving
  16. run a 5K
  17. send a secret to postsecret
  18. not eat fast food for a month
  19. buy a lottery ticket
  20. see a drive-in movie
  21. go a week without using Facebook
  22. go vegetarian for a month
  23. ride a horse
  24. hike part of the Appalachian trail
  25. become financially independent
  26. go for a walk in the rain
  27. visit sea world
  28. see a show on Broadway
  29. host a cupcake party
  30. make a quilt
  31. stay up to watch a meteor shower
  32. save $5 for each task that I complete
  33. get to my goal weight
  34. learn how to ride a motorcycle
  35. go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
  36. participate in a flash mob
  37. go to a shooting range and learn to shoot a gun
  38. send my mom flowers just because
  39. go to the beach
  40. sing karaoke in public
  41. volunteer at the humane society
  42. go on an overnight camping trip
  43. go to Hawaii
  44. go to Four Corners, USA
  45. help my mom make thanksgiving dinner
  46. make Clara homemade dog biscuits
  47. see MUSE in concert
  48. go on a cruise
  49. learn to meditate
  50. start taking viola lessons from Joanna again
  51. go to a dog show
  52. pay it forward at a drive thru
  53. get all my camera gear fixed and professionally cleaned
  54. have engagement pictures taken by Amelia Lyon in CA
  55. go to Yellowstone National Park
  56. grow a plant from a seed
  57. compile a healthy, boyfriend-approved cookbook
  58. get contacts
  59. buy a name-brand purse
  60. attend a music festival
  61. get rid of my acne once and for all
  62. build a wardrobe full of clothes that I love
  63. buy a piece of jewelry from Tiffany’s
  64. learn 5 new ways to style my hair
  65. buy my own Christmas tree…
  66. …and decorate it with my own ornaments
  67. go a day without eating any processed foods
  68. take a dance class
  69. buy an awesome pair of high heels
  70. go back to Ireland
  71. have dinner by candlelight
  72. host a girl’s night in
  73. go to a museum I’ve never been to before
  74. do a photoshoot for my parents
  75. perform and record a song with Tom
  76. get a grill for my patio
  77. learn to drive a stick shift
  78. take my parents to dinner
  79. go to Disneyworld
  80. knit an afghan
  81. work on a personal photo project
  82. buy a pair of sturdy, high quality boots
  83. buy a surround-sound system
  84. build a sand castle
  85. write a short story
  86. paint something to display in my apartment
  87. make an effort to learn more about politics before the next election
  88. complete a Warrior Dash
  89. go a month without buying something that isn’t a necessity
  90. make my own pasta
  91. go through my entire apartment and donate the things I don’t want or need
  92. go to Cedar Point
  93. start reading books again
  94. carve a pumpkin for Halloween
  95. be a better daughter/girlfriend/sister
  96. attend a rally for a cause I care deeply about
  97. get a new piercing
  98. participate in the downtown reenactment of Thriller
  99. hold a tarantula
  100. sell something on ebay
  101. ride in a hot air balloon

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