life through a viewfinder


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I had never shot headshots until the other day. I had fun trying to do something a little different than point and click. Here is a shot from the other day…



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It was Adam’s idea to go down by the tracks… and I have to say, it was pretty  fun to practice there.



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The more weddings and engagements I shoot, the more I fall in love with love.





lil’ anthony

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These are pictures of my baby cousin. They are raw images, so wait for the finalized versions before saving them!!

Sharon snapped this one:

you’re invited into my house

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Today I shot pictures of Fred Hina, the former fire chief of the OFD. I’ve been feeling like my photos have been looking too point-and-shoot, so I was really trying to get something different.






go, baby, go!

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Saturday morning I got up at 7 a.m. sharp to drive to Whitesville to shoot pictures at a triathlon. Terrified of how exactly I was going to shoot it, I loaded by 2gb card into my camera, pulled the battery from its charger on my wall, slipped on my flip flops and was out the door. It was an easy and pretty drive and before I knew it I was standing on the dock waiting for the race to begin. With the blow of the horn, the first round of men were off.


After an 800-yard swim, participants ran up out of the lake and up the hill to where their bikes and biking gear was waiting for them.



And last but not least, competitors hopped off their bikes and ran the last leg of the race. At the finish line, families and friends cheered on everyone who ran across the finish line.


a walk in the woods

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Today I was introduced to one of the most amazing people I’ve met since I came to Owensboro a month ago.


Meet I.E. Badger, a former art teacher in Hancock County.


Badger lives with her dog, Fella, in a small cabin in Hawesville. Her house is full of colors and trinkets, and lit by sunlight. It was one of the most beautiful and cozy homes I’ve ever been in.


Badger and I talked about our dogs while I played with Fella and his blue bunny (seen on the floor in the photo above).

badger 4

“I don’t know what I’d do without him,” Badger said. “If he goes first, I tell you what… I’m going to grab his tail and go with him.”

badger 5

rainy days

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My memorial day was spent finding a sports rain feature to make up for the afternoon of canceled baseball tournaments.




from sea to shining sea

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Yesterday was the first memorial service in Owensboro to honor those who have fought or are fighting for this country. I’ve never been one of those “God bless the USA!” types, and I’ll admit… I have been one to snicker at people all decked out in their American flag t-shirts, hats and bandannas… but I have never been so proud to be an American as I was yesterday.

trrops 1

kid 1

troops 2

troops 3

Lonely days

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Yesterday there wasn’t as much to do around the office as there usually is, so I found myself lonelier than I have been in my entire stay in Owensboro. It’s not for a lack of meeting nice people, because I’ve met plenty, including Jason Rose:


It’s just a matter of working the city, then coming home to no one. At school I had roommates and friends, and the Kernel on top of all of that. But here… there’s just no one. Oh, well.

I seem to take a lot of pictures of kids. These kids were really cute. They were all dressed up as historical figures, and pretended to be wax statues that would come to life when you pushed a little “button” on the table beside them. Pictured below is Leonardo Da Vinci (right), Ludwig von Beethoven (center) and Elvis Presley (left) and two kids that were walking around viewing the exhibit (far left).